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A vibrant community

Sports is fun when you find the one, or 2, 3, 4 and more...

Casual buddy, sparring partner, friendly coach or just your friends, it’s a place for everyone.

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Play sports within minutes

Find and connect with players and activities at anywhere, anytime, or simply organise your own activities with others or your own friends.

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Bye bye messy groups and missed activities

Organise, invite, reserve, chat, calendar and get reminders on upcoming activities - all in one single app.

Build friendships and sportsmanship

Award cool medals, give each other shoutouts, follow each other and play more sports. Measure statistics and track awards on your own cool profile!

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More than just an app

Splink is an ever growing community committed to help you play more and be more.

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Weekly Content

Deals, cool places to check out, sports diet and more - never miss out the goodness in app!

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New Features

We’re constantly rolling out new features to make your sports experience more engaging!

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Feedbacks FTW!

We’re always listening to what you think about our app. Feedbacks can easily be made in- app!

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