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Your app to play sports at anywhere, anytime.

From finding sports players, to organising and managing sports activities, Splink helps you play more and be more.

Who we are

Sports Super Companion

We seek to help people live an active lifestyle through making sports accessible and equitable globally. In 2021, we founded this company with the vision of making sports learning and playing as easy as a tap of a button. We want to empower players of any skill to find their tribe, share experiences, learn sports and more importantly, enjoy sports together.

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Our vision & mission

"To be the gateway into the world of sports."

Play more sports and be more together.

Founding & Leadership


"I enjoy feeding stray cats."
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Image of Co-founder & CEO, Dary Leong

Dary Leong

Chief Executive Officer


"If I could only have one meal for the rest of my life, it would be chicken rice."
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Image of Co-founder & COO, Brandon Soo

Brandon Soo

Chief Operations Officer

Table Tennis

"A walking design-clopedia."
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Image of Co-founder & CPO, Jonathan Seetoh

Jonathan Seetoh

Chief Product Officer
Image of Bernard G, CTO of Splink

Bernard G

Chief Technology Officer

Founding Members


"My surname is the only of its kind."
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Image of Founding Member and Lead Marketing, Gareth Nicholas

Gareth Nicholas

Lead, Marketing


"Been in school Taekwondo and Football team when I was young."
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Image of Founding Member and Lead Product, Bryan Pek

Bryan Pek

Lead, Product
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Our Culture

We are advocates of diversity and inclusion, and honour respect and commitment. We are dreamers of rainbows and butterflies, yet we walk the talk. We are go-getters and thrive on our hunger to achieve, yet we are poised and plan our moves miles ahead. We are Splink.

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